We're talkers. What's that got to do with products, we hear you ask? Well, by talking to women like you for over 35 years, we've uncovered all sorts of ways make managing periods even easier.

And as women ourselves, we can thoroughly check our findings with our own personal experience. We're sure you'll appreciate the difference of products that are designed by women, for women.

Something for everyone

With our unique BodyFit® shape, our pads mould to the contours of your body to move with you, giving you the ultimate in comfort and protection. It's just one of the thoughtful features that makes the Libra difference; Designed by women, for women.

Libra Pads

We've thought through the details to ensure Libra Tampons provide the best protection while making them as comfortable to use as possible. Things like our tapered design and unique anti-fluff base is how you can tell it's Libra; Designed by women, for women.

Libra Tampons

Liners are just so handy! They're great if you're expecting your period or at the very tail end of it, or just everyday to keep your undies fresh. All of our liners have our anti-bunching technology, so know that whichever you choose, we've got you covered!

Libra Liners

Congratulations! We think when you've just had a baby, you deserve a little extra pampering. That's why our Libra Maternity Pads give you the ultimate comfort and protection with an extra soft and cushiony design, enriched with Aloe Vera.

Libra Maternity